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Some generic pictures from the page builder


Excited Eric!

Would you like to be as excited and successful as this guy? Let's call him Eric. Eric just understood something about US politics that has bothered him for years through reading this blog and other independent news sources. Wanna be successful in learning stuff just like Eric? Read more and widen your circle!


Some people eating lunch

Some people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that is total rubbish! Lunch is most important - What you eat will affect your performance throughout the day. I prefer something light, like a salat or a bowl of cut fruit and maybe some yoghurt? In any case, make it look good in front of your colleagues!


Random objects on a wood floor

This stuff should probably represent professionalism, yet most of it is fake. Check out the phone and the laptop - they are supposed to be Apple products but a closer look reveals that the laptop (see hinges) and the phone (corners) are just some generic other stuff - a perfect metaphor for today's startup economy.


You can try to write a message. but I prolly won't read it at this point - I am building the page for facks sake, be patient!

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